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You'll be guided by James Dossan’s expertise as he sources some of the finest wines being made available in Australia.

“I originally approached James and his team to look into finding a special bottle of wine for me, that I had not been able to get my hands on through the usual auctions or retail sites. James successfully managed to source the wine for me and since then I have been taking advantage of the new release offers James provides to his clients. Highly recommend!”
Jason C.
“Having collected wines for over 30 years, I consider myself to be fairly accurate in what pricing should be on the wines that I am interested in purchasing. I was pleasantly surprised that The Envied Cellar is regularly one of the most competitively priced sites for the rare and fine wine market.  Furthermore, when I have contacted James in the past about evaluating the current market value of a few special bottles I have, he has been well informed and educated about the pricing for these wines on both local and global markets. It’s reassuring and refreshing to deal with someone who takes such pride in knowing his product.”
Tim D.
“From day one, whenever I have contacted James, he has made himself available to me and answered all of my questions and met all of my requests. It’s been nice to build rapport with someone who has learnt my likes and dislikes so well that now I just tell him to send me what he knows I will like. James and his team make it so simple to access good wine, great work guys. Cheers!”
Costa M.