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2008 Lorenzo Accomasso Barolo ‘Vigneto Rocchette’ Riserva

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    Lorenzo Accomasso
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Lorenzo Accomasso is one of the legend of Barolo, with a very recognizable imprinting and traditional style:he is from Bartolo Mascarello’s generation, and has been making Barolo from his vineyards for a very long time. Tiny production and an increased following in Europe and beyond for his wines mean that these wines are about as rare as rare gets and keenly sought-after by connoisseurs and collectors worldwide.

Whether Accomasso ever will, or even can, become truly well known is a subject for debate. Apart from very few reviews, it’s very hard to find information about his wines. Who has tasted his Barolo Riserva or Barolo Rocchette Riserva knows they’re the real deal. They’re among the most magical Barolos made and, for lovers of traditional Barolo who have never experienced them, trying a bottle adds a new dimension to the appreciation and enjoyment of Italy’s greatest wine, Barolo.

Lorenzo Accomasso started making wine in the early 1950s, and very nearly back to the days when Bartolo Mascarello and Bruno Giacosa were apprenticing in their family cellars after World War II. Despite his artisanally made wines being almost complete unknown to most of the Barolo-drinking world, those who do know Accomasso’s Barolos prize them for how purely they express the soul of their region, village and vineyard. His wines have all of the powerful structure and perfume of Barolo. But they also exude the elegance and finesse of the village where he has spent his life, La Morra.

Accommasso’s low profile is in large part due to the sheer scarcity of his wines as he’s never had more than three hectares under vine. He only bottles what meets his extremely rigorous standards, this has typically meant less than 1000 cases annually in total, not just of Barolo, but Barbera and Dolcetto as well.

2008 Lorenzo Accomasso Barolo ‘Vigneto Rocchette’ Riserva